nytt inlägg

Satt och pillade runt på spotify när det slog mig att nofx låt "everything in moderation" nästan stämmer på mig. Den behövde bara korrigeras en smula...

29 My hair should be parted not spiked and red
My nights should end at 12 and not 6 am
But it is and they don't
I still get excited when our band gets to play
Wake up knowing exactly what I did last night
not finding out that its not cool but sad

I might be an adult but I'm still a minor at heart
OK my computer is my senior part

a part I cant afford to trade in

When your band has been a band shorter than Leila K
And critics coin you "who the fuck are they?"
That's when you know you have no life.



Eller nåt.



Fan vad tråkigt det är att bara sitta här och fisa, jävla vinterMalmö...



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